Frequently Asked Questions

What lockers are nearby?

Locker in Milton, IA

Phone: (641) 656 4660

302 N Main St

Milton, IA 52570-9606

Locker in Farmington, IA

Phone 319-878-3316

206 State St, Farmington, IA 52626

On the farm itself, there’s areas to hang and field dress your deer.

What is your minimum harvest?

Our minimum buck harvest is 140” or 4- 1/2 years old.  We’re managing for older age class bucks and no young deer are allowed for harvest.

What amenities are on the property?

We have running water as well as electrical. You’re welcome to bring your camper but it would need to run on a generator. See resources for nearby lodging. You are responsible for your own food and lodging.

How many people are allowed to hunt the property in a week?

The most we will allow is 4-5 hunters at a time. This is not over hunted land, and we will not book back to back hunts, either.

What’s the weather like in deer season in Southern Iowa?

Our best advice is to be prepared for all weather. We have inclement weather in late fall and winter.

Is there cell phone coverage?

Yes, while it could be spotty in some places, you will be able to text and make calls while on the property.

What kinds of stands do you use?

We use ladder tree stands and some ground blinds.

Can I hunt anything else while I’m there?

No, we are currently only hunting whitetail deer.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.